EthosLab's Staff Application

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Steam ID :

Steam Name :
T.w² | EthosLab

How long have you been registered on steam?
Since September 9th, 2013

Ingame Name?
Nova Commander Etho


Time Zone?

Do you understand that you MUST be active in our community (ex. Forums, Discord, In-Game) throughout your potential career here at Earthbound Networks?
I understand I must be active.

Do you understand you MUST be mature in any situation(s) you may be put under?
I absolutely understand I must be mature in all situations.

Do you understand that you MUST have a working microphone to be staff?
I do indeed

Please list any staff experience that you may or may not have on SWRP servers:
I was staff on the old Earthbound Networks a while ago, at that time we had a DarkRP server and were just starting up a CWRP server. My influence was more prominent on the CWRP server I believe at the time due to the DarkRP server slowly going down until it was a thing no more. I enjoyed most of the community back then, never had an issue with the players, and most of them were respectful. They all followed the rules, and for the most part, all the sits were ones to solve bugs, or a borderline FailRP situation. Most of which were solved with a compromise between both parties.

What is your schedule like? How long can you be on the server and be active in the community?
I can be on the server for a few hours a day, and I will usually be online whenever I am developing something for EBN. There is something in the works right now that Jerry has wanted this for a while haha.

What potential skills do you have to benefit the server and community?
Potential skills I have would include but are not limited to: great at helping others, making compromises, enforcing policies, and more. As well as other skills like development in several languages and other aspects, and I am a good leader.

Why should you be a staff member? (80 Words At Least)
I should be a staff member because I have had lots of previous experience being staff, and being in leadership positions. I am able to respectfully maintain peace and order in any situation. I also am very familiar with the rules and standard procedures when it comes to making choices and decisions. I am able to adapt to any situation that is thrown at me whether or not it throws even more complications into the works. Over all I think I am a qualified individual for almost any task thrown at me as I like to expose myself to many different things.

Explain what Trolling is in detail and give one example on how you would handle it?:
Trolling is the deliberate act of making random unsolicited gestures in an attempt to enrage a spontaneous and potentially cruel reaction from the victims. In a game sense, trolling is when a user would join a game and act is malicious manors in an attempt to gain pleasure out of the chaos they ensue on the server. As an example, a player joins a DarkRP server and goes around RDMing in an attempt to get a staff member to either help them or to get some kind of reaction. This is a very deliberate attempt to create chaos and I would deal with it by following the standard procedure set by management, or if unset, my standards. In this situation my standard would be to ban the user for a day for each RDM up to one week(So at most the punishment is 7 days). My methods are always proportional to the malicious act being put on the server.

Explain what PassiveRP is in detail and give an example:
PassiveRP or Passive Roleplay is when a person does not try to create roleplay and simply just exists in their being. For example, someone that is just wondering around the ship, not saluting or following other simple roleplay procedures, and they are walking around for no particular roleplay reason. An Active roleplayer is the opposite, they are one that actively seek roleplay situations such as going to the medic on ship to try and create a checkup or something similar.

Explain what OOC and IC is in detail (What do they stand for and what do they mean):
OOC is Out-of-Character, in a roleplay sense, it is when a player is speaking outside of their roleplay intent. OOC is most often used to gain information that would not further advance the roleplay situation, such as asking how someone's lunch was. The opposite would be IC or In-Character. IC is someone that is speaking through the character they are playing, whether it is a gun dealer, or a storm trooper, they are acting as that character would in a given situation.

Anything else you would like to add to this application:
I do not believe so, I talk to the majority of the people as it is.

I, EthosLab, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in an instant demotion/removal/or blacklist.
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