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Welcome to our server! We hope you enjoy your stay! if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact an online staff member by doing the following command. (@Hey staff, I have a question if you got the time!)
Please read the rules below to ensure you don't get in trouble on our server!
*NOTE* If you do not follow these rules you will punished for your actions.

General rules of the server:

1. Please stay genuine and kind, to everyone in the server. Don't discriminate or talk down to anyone.
2. Use each room accordingly to its purpose. If something relates to a topic and its relative you may post it there, but only if it meets this requirement.
3. Spam is not allowed in any of the channels (only on spam channel)
4. Do not argue with the staff or complain about staff decisions. If you have a concern about someone of the staff report it to a higher rank in a DM (Direct Message).
5. DO NOT ask for promotion if so it will be a warn, if someone is going to get promoted it will be told by staff.
6. Do not advertise other servers or you will get banned, unless given permission by the owner or co-owner.
7. Raiding is prohibited, anyone who attempts to raid, will be banned.
8. If you feel like a rule has been broken by a staff member, ask for the admin rules (this requires the person who’s asking, to say what the mod/admin has done wrong in their mind) thereafter contact a higher ranked person in DMs (Direct Messages).
9. Don't be disturbing towards other members on dm's
10. N*- word is prohibited as a direct insult to a person and as spam, if it gets detection by staff it will be a kick or ban depending of its severity (may be used in a normal conversation if it doesn’t hurt anyone)
11. If you don’t like the server, tell us what we can do better.
12. If there is more than 10 players on the server it is in RP
13. Staff members have the final say in game, if you feel they are doing something wrong report it on the forums or discord in respected areas.
14. Commanders have permission to run trainings/tryouts/PT
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